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state election

August 19, 2010

[AUGUST 17, 2010]

hello all,

we have been finding it hard to keep this website updated because things have been so busy of late. If you’re interested in our work around the November 27, please check here.


Forum: The Climate Change Act in Scotland – what are the lessons for Victoria?

April 28, 2010

St Kilda EcoCentre

A forum, with Sally Moxham, who has long worked in the sustainability field, and who has just spent a year heading up the Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration Policy Unit in the Scottish Government.

All welcome,  Friday May 14, at Friends of the Earth in Collingwood.

All welcome! Details here.

population and an inconvenient truth

April 15, 2010

Australians are one of the world’s largest per capita consumers of resources and emitters of greenhouse gases. Certainly we need an informed and rational debate about what might constitute a sustainable human population for Australia. But to do so without acknowledging the massive over consumption that we are responsible for is nothing less than hypocrisy.

You can find an opinion piece here.

ecomarket and community hub being established in South Melbourne

January 22, 2010

In 2010, we are very excited to announce the development of the first Eco Market style operation in South Melbourne. The tentatively named ‘South Melbourne Commons’ will become a new community hub that reconnects people back to a sense of place and belonging.

The site will feature, a cafe, food cooperative, grocery store & deli with a weekly Saturday Eco Market operation starting later in the year.

There is info on the project here.

The hall and open market space at the venue

One year out from the state election, green groups put parties on notice

December 7, 2009

A healthy environment and a safe future for all Victorians must be the top priority for all parties contesting the 2010 State Election, Victoria’s leading environment groups said today.

One year out from the state election, Environment Victoria, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth and the Victorian National Parks Association have released a document outlining seven key areas that require urgent action by the party that wins next November’s state election.

The groups said all parties needed to reassess their approach to the environment, including the Brumby Government who is yet to initiate any major environmental initiatives, and the Liberal Party whose environment policies are alarmingly inconsistent.

“Victoria’s environment has supported communities for thousands of years and is home to some of the most important places and species in the world.  But the simple truth is, we’re facing an environmental emergency,” Environment Victoria’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy said.

“Our rivers run dry as greenhouse emissions rise. Our forests shrink while our cities sprawl. And we swelter through heatwaves that Victoria has never experienced before – this is not the future we want.”

You can find our election agenda and extra info here.

Port Phillip Rising coastal walk

November 17, 2009

[Nov 17, 2009]

We are just a few days away from starting our coastal walk up the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay.

We have been getting a great response, and many have said they will join us for sections of the walk.

We are walking in order to highlight the impacts of sea level rise on people, communities and landscapes along the way. We have public forums planned for Rosebud, Frankston and St Kilda. You would be most welcome to join us.

Full details here:

Community tells Premier: world does not need our dirty coal

October 22, 2009

Following revelations last week that the Energy Minister is advocating for a new coal export industry for Victoria, several hundred community members met on the steps of Parliament today to show their opposition to the plan.

Green groups have been inundated with calls from community members who are furious about Peter Batchelor’s support of a new proposal by Exergen to export Victoria’s coal to India.

A letter sent to Premier Brumby from prominent scientists, climate change experts, and leading green and church groups opposing the establishment of a Victorian coal export industry was also released today.

There is a release, link to the letter and photos from the rally here.

coal export rally Oct 2009_opt